Answer to the appeal of Ramiz Mamedov 2015-03-06 11:01:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

A response to the appeal of the president of the Azerbaijan Geographical Society academician Ramiz Mahmud oglu Mammadov, director of the Institute of Geography have been received on behalf of the First Vice-President of Russian Geographical Society, academician N.S. Kasimov.

On behalf of S.K. Shoygu, president of Russian Geographical Society, Academician N.S. Kasimov reviewed the appeal for assistance in organization and conducting of the Russian-Azerbaijani expedition for the actualization of the border of the Europe and the Asia.

He wrote in the reply: Certainly, your proposal is of great interest and I am pleased to announce that the Russian Geographical society supports your proposal to conduct such a mission in the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus. We propose to include it among the project activities of the Russian Geographical Society “Steppe world of Eurasia”.

The implementation of this project from the Russian side entrusted to the president of the Company A.A. Chibilyev.

In conclusion the vice-president underlined, that he hopes for the further successful and fruitful cooperation of Russian and Azerbaijan Geographical Societies.