Presentation ceremony 2015-02-02 16:35:00 / EVENTS

The National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan has presented the “National Atlas of the Republic of Azerbaijan” and “Maps of South Caucasus of 1903”.

    The event was opened by academician Akif Alizade, president of ANAS. He informed that the “National Atlas of the Republic of Azerbaijan” is one of the most excellent sources that have ever been published. He stressed the importance of the promotional role in the world of the atlas for Azerbaijan. 

    The Atlas contents 19 sections, 444 pages, about 1000 maps, diagrams, tables, explanatory texts and other content of the economic and socio-cultural areas of the country. During the event organized jointly with State Land and Cartography Committee of Azerbaijan Republic, the Chairman of the Committee, academician Qarib Mammadov participated at the conference with report “The National Atlas of the Republic of Azerbaijan”is a special cartographic work” and the Director of the Institute of History Yagub Mahmudov reported on “An important event in the history of the state”.

   In his speech Academician Ramiz Mammadov, director of the Institute of Geography named after H. Aliyev, emphasized the role of ANAS and its research institutes which contributed to the preparation of the National Atlas.

    He said that the Atlas is first and foremost a source of information, as well as a historical document. It can also be named the state attribute.

  Prepared according to the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, the Atlas creates an impression about the geographical conditions, science and education, topography, vegetation, wildlife, history of our country.

 The academician said, that in educational institutions and other places was used the “Atlas of Geography” compiled by the Institute of Geography. The “National Atlas of the Republic of Azerbaijan” includes 169 maps prepared by the staff of the Institute of Geography and 30 maps of the Caspian Sea compiled by R. Mammadov himself.

   At the end of his speech R.Mammadov congratulated everyone on the occasion of this event and wished them success in the further development of the science.