Economic geographers at the conference 2014-12-02 22:51:00 / EVENTS

The scientists of the Institute of Geography, PhDs on Geography Zakir Eminov, Rovshan Kerimov, and Nariman Pashayev, as well as Etibar Badalov took part at the Conference “Statistic and Society” organized by the State Statistics Committee in collaboration with the Ministry of Education on November 28, 2014.

The purpose of the conference is the role of statistics in the social and economic decision-making, innovative approaches to the development of statistical data, to identify the issues of scientific and practical importance to improve the quality of the information.

The scientists of our Institute delivered lectures: Z.Eminov “The role of the statistical sources in the socio-demographic development of the country”, R.Kerimov “The study of natural movement within the population of the Azerbaijan and its regions on the basis of statistical data”, E.Badalov “The role of statistics in socio-demographic problems of the Absheron economic and geographical region and their resoling during the period of independence, N.Pashayev “The significance of the use of statistic materials and methods in the studies on the economic and social geography”.

Summing up the conference, Yusif Yusifov, Deputy Chairman of the State Statistics Committee, thanked the participants and told that such scientific and practical conferences would be held on a regular basis in the future.