Karimov received a certificate 2014-03-17 17:23:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

The paper of the senior researcher of the Department of "Geography of Population and Social Development of Azerbaijan" PhD Rovshan Karimov "Geographical problems of sustainable demographic development in the Republic of Azerbaijan" has been published at the proceedings of the XXIV International Scientific-Practical Conference "Modern trends in economics and management: new views", held in Novosibirsk on February, 2014.

As the author notes in his research, the study of the demographic problems of sustainability and the necessity of regulating the processes concerning population, is of great importance among researches on sustainable development. For the Republic of Azerbaijan with its small territory, the main geographical issues of sustainable development are considered to be: uneven distribution of population in the country's territory, high demographic loading in some regions, the relatively high density of the population in the overall territory, the problem of the development of small and medium cities - the centers of administrative units of area, problem of demographic sustainability of a number of villages of mountainous- and lowland territories. Analyzing these and other problems in his work, R.Karimov studied the priorities of prospective regulation of demographic processes in the country. Organizing Committee - Centre for Development of Scientific Cooperation has presented Certificate to the author of scientific work.

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