A new publication of the Institute of Geography has been published 2024-04-06 14:13:00 / NEW PUBLICATIONS

A new publication by the Institute of Geography named after academician H. Aliyev of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan “Object-oriented analysis for assessing risks and natural disasters: explaining the geo-ecological contexts of Azerbaijan” has been published.

The book is written by Associate Professor Zaur Imrani, Executive Director of the Institute of Geography, and Aliakbar Rasouli, Professor at Macquarie University in Australia.

The monograph presents a collection of practical textbooks on OBIA (object-oriented image analysis) and methods of their application, explaining the issues of geo-ecological risk and natural disasters in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Trial versions of eCognition are used to understand the context of OBIA, and each resource explains the workflow in detail, which is very important for the specialist. The book also introduces a huge panel of tools and their functions related to Landsat, Sentinel imagery and ALOS-Palsar data adapted to the Azerbaijan geography domain.

Although the approaches are varied, the monograph also presents exercises on analysis and mapping in satellite image, explaining the range of skills and knowledge required by professionals to use aerospace data.