Civil defence day 2014-02-28 17:15:00 / EVENTS

International Civil Defence Day was held 2014, Feb.28, in the Conference hall of the Institute of Geography of ANAS.

 Elbrus Alizade, Doctor of geography sciences, deputy director of the Institute said that some work has been done and is being done by N.Mustafayev.

The chief of Staff informed of the history of this date. He stated that “by the decision of International Civil Defence Organization, since 1972, International Civil Defence Day is celebrated the 1st of March as a humanitarian action in all continents: in 1993, the Azerbaijan has been included in this organization”.

The main purpose of today’s celebration is to inform the population on organization of work of civil defence on fire security, to ensure security from accidents in industry and transportation during natural and technological accidents, explosions and fires.

Doctor of geographical sciences Rena Gashgay, Habel Hagverdiyev, candidate of geographical sciences and chairman of the trade union, Anver Aliyev, candidate of geographical sciences made their suggestions and opinions on current events.

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