A meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute of Geography was held 2024-03-07 12:44:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

A regular meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute of Geography named after academician H. Aliyev of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Azerbaijan Republic was held.

The general director of the institute, Professor Zakir Eminov, briefed the meeting participants on current issues, and then the deputy director, associate professor Zaur Imrani made a speech on the preparation of school textbooks. He commented on the publication of the presented books “Geography 6 (part 1)” and “Geography 7” (part 1), and also gave his opinion on the program of the subject “Geography”, noting the rather low level of content of textbooks for students of secondary educational institutions.

The head of the institute, Z. Eminov, said that the writing of new textbooks and educational materials in the world is based on modern methods, standards and rules. As a rule, Azerbaijan also tries to integrate into world science and achieves this in some areas. The writing of textbooks should be based on world practice and should be viewed from a fundamental prism, accepted by scientific societies and already tested. The level of knowledge and skills of the authors, as well as their mentality, should allow them to write a textbook.

In this regard, it was decided not to give a positive assessment to the presented books and to send a letter to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Then current problems were discussed, such as changing the topic of doctoral student Zakir Guliyev’s dissertation and publishing a monograph by Elnur Safarov.