The book “Karabakh: thoughts and reflections” was presented on Remembrance Day 2023-09-27 10:53:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

A scientific seminar was held at the Institute of Geography named after Academician H. Aliyev of the Ministry of Science and Education.

First, we honored the blessed memory of the martyrs who died for the freedom of our land with a minute of silence.

General Director of the Institute, Doctor of Geographical Sciences Zakir Eminov opened the event and noted that September 27 is the beginning of the path leading Azerbaijan to a decisive and honorable victory. He said that in just 44 days the heroic Azerbaijani army liberated its historical lands from the enemy. Our heroic sons, who put their homeland above their lives and are ready to sacrifice themselves at any moment, put an end to their 30-year longing for Karabakh.

Then, leading researcher at the paleogeography department, Doctor of Philosophy in Geology and Mineralogy, Associate Professor Rashid Fataliyev made a presentation of his book “Karabakh: Thoughts and Reflections,” dedicated to the events of Karabakh.

The scientific editor of the book, published by decision of the Academic Council of the Institute of Geography, is Doctor of Geographical Sciences Zakir Eminov, and the reviewers are Doctors of Philosophy in Geography and Associate Professors Ismail Guliyev and Zaur Imrani.

The mentioned monograph is the 3rd book by R. Fataliev. The author, who regularly appears in periodicals and on Internet sites with his journalistic and scientific-journalistic works in accordance with the requirements of the time, said that this book, designed for a wide readership, contains articles on Karabakh published by him in recent years on the eve of 44 -day of the Patriotic War, interesting articles about the spirit of patriotism of our people, the material and spiritual riches of Karabakh, minerals, toponyms, liberation from occupation and development prospects, as well as about the events in which he personally participated and observed at that time in Karabakh.

The heads of departments expressing their opinions about the book, Museib Yunusov, Abil Akhverdiev and others, especially noted in their speeches the scientific significance of this book, which will arouse the interest of a wide readership and is written in accessible language.