The book "Geography of the Shusha administrative region..." 2023-03-03 16:57:00 / EVENTS

The presentation of the book "Geography of the Shusha administrative region: natural conditions and potential for socio-economic development" was held at the Institute of Geography named after academician H. Aliyev of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Director General of the Institute, geography Zakir Eminov made a presentation and said that the book on the geography of the Shusha region, prepared by the institute, is dedicated to the year of Shusha. He said that at the end of the 20th century, the Armenians began to fight for the annexation of Karabakh to Armenia. In a short period of time, in 1988-1993, Karabakh and the territories adjacent to it were occupied, tens of thousands of citizens were killed, captured, disappeared, the local population was displaced as internally displaced persons, dispersed in different parts of the country, or were forced to emigrate to foreign countries. Due to the failure of almost 30 years of attempts to resolve the issue by political means, on September 27, 2020, the Patriotic War for the liberation of Karabakh began, which ended with the liberation of Shusha.

The book, dedicated to the geography of the Shusha region, unique among the administrative regions of Karabakh, contains information about its physical and economic geography, toponymy, the potential for demographic development, tourism development, and analyzes the possibilities of their management.

Giving detailed information about each chapter of the book, consisting of 12 chapters, the head of the institute noted that the carried analyzes will become an important source for studying the Shusha administrative region and determining the ways of its socio-economic and cultural development.

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