The annual report of the Department of Land Resources was heard 2022-11-24 18:30:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

At the next meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute of Geography, the Annual Report of the Department of Geography of Land Resources of Azerbaijan was heard.

The head of the department, Associate Professor Ismayil Guliyev, made a report on the progress of the first work "The current state of the soil of the Arazboyu Karabakh plain", restoration and effective use" (2022-2023) of the theme "Assessment and effective use of the degradation of the soil cover of Karabakh as a result of military-technical impact" planned for the period 2022-2025. He noted that in connection with the reporting work, laboratory analyzes and soil samples taken from the study area were carried out according to 17 parameters in five names. He said that important results of analyzes of the year's field and laboratory analyzes were obtained.

The anthropogenic load of meadow-gray, gray, alluvial-grass, gray-brown (chestnut) soils of Aran Karabakh continues in positive dynamics in the last thirty years, as a result of which arable soils have undergone transformations in the morphogenetic direction to the level of type and semitype, with light, partially severe physical and chemical degradation.

The anthropogenic load of meadow-gray, alluvial-meadow, meadow-gray-brown (chestnut) soils of Arazboyu Karabakh was at a normal level, no serious morphogenetic disturbances were observed, the soils were in positive dynamics compared to previous monitoring results; there is a positive trend in a number of organic and inorganic quantitative and qualitative indicators.