An employee of the Institute of Geography represented our country at the VIKIDATA conference 2022-10-27 14:24:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Aida Aslanova, an employee of the Department of International and Public Relations of the Institute of Geography named after Academician H.A.Aliyev, the head of the Wikipedia group, represented our country as part of a group of users of 10 people at the Wikidata-2022 Istanbul conference of Wikipedians from Turkic-speaking countries, which was held in Turkey.

On October 21-23 2022, Turkic-speaking volunteers from 10 countries and autonomous regions of the world gathered at the conference, organized by the Digital Information Association and the Turkic Languages Wikimedia Group, at Uskudar University. The purpose of the conference, which is attended by representatives of Azerbaijan, Bashkiria, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Sakha, Tatarstan and Turkey, is to improve the knowledge and skills of Turkic-speaking volunteers about Wikidata, thereby supporting their access to information about their culture and language. in the Internet.

In their presentations, participants of the conference and workshops talked about how to request and share information in the Wikidata project, how to use Wikidata, listened to trainings conducted in different languages with simultaneous translation, and made presentations on joint activities in their countries and in Turkey.

At the end of the event, a video made on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Wikidata was shown, the participants were presented with various gifts and they set off on a journey along the Bosphorus.