Geographer made a presentation on radioactive waste 2022-10-10 16:12:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

 Ismail Zeynalov, Leading Researcher of the Institute of Geography named after Academician G.A.Aliyev, Doctor of Philosophy, participated in the "1st International Congress on Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology" held in Warsaw, Poland, organized by the Global Academy of Turkey.

At the event, the scientist made a presentation "The use of satellite data in the detection of radioactive fallout on the territory of Azerbaijan."

The report says that in the event of possible accidents at nuclear power plants, a large release of radioactive substances into the environment in the form of indivisible particles occurs. Later, these substances spread over long distances through the territory of neighboring countries in the form of radioactive deposits.

The formation of precipitation over the territory is primarily determined by the conditions of humidity, its rise and evaporation in air masses of various origins, which, under certain conditions, can potentially form precipitation.