Geographer- climatologist clarified the tornado incident 2022-08-03 12:38:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

The Head of the Department of the Institute of Geography, doctor of geographical sciences Said Safarov gave an interview to APA TV about the tornado that happened in Kalbajar.

The climate scientist explained the causes of this natural phenomenon, spoke about the consequences that it can cause, the possibilities of its recurrence in our country, etc. He noted that although the specific reason for the formation of a tornado is not fully known to science, one of the versions is that it is formed as a result of the rapid rotation and collision of hot and cold air masses that are opposite to each other, and the pressure drops too much. If this whirlwind, which is not considered typical for Azerbaijan, had a greater speed, it would create a danger for people watching what is happening. During a tornado in the United States, warnings are issued and people are placed in bunkers. The tornado that happened over Alagyol is a smaller version of it.

The scientist recalled that in 2012, during an incident that occurred over a prison in Garadagh, a tornado demolished prison fences.

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