Scientists met with members of the "iGEO Azerbaijan team" 2022-08-02 12:26:00 / EVENTS

In accordance with the process of integration of science and education at the Institute of Geography named after acad.Hasan Aliyev, a meeting was held between scientists of the Institute and members of the group preparing for the Olympiad in Geography.

Members of the iGeo Azerbaijan Team knew the scientific research carried out at the Institute of Geography, the important results obtained, the current state of geography in the country, the geographical position and prospects of Azerbaijan, as well as the teaching of geography.

Zaur Imrani, head of the department of the Institute of Geography, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, noted that the Institute of Geography of ANAS and the Azerbaijan Geographical Society always support the members of the iGeo Azerbaijan Team and attach great importance to the participation of schoolchildren in international Olympiads.

In turn, the group members discussed the structure and themes of the competition for the preparation for the Olympiad, the indisputable role of the project in identifying talented schoolchildren in geography, their preparation for international Olympiads, and the course of the preparatory stage.

The organizer of team training for international Olympiads in the country in the field of geography, project manager "Preparation of students-geographers for the International Geography Olympiad (iGeo and eGeo) - Module III", four years in a row winner of grant competitions on the topic of development and innovation in education named after General Lieutenant Kerim Kerimov, the teacher of geography of secondary school No. 8 of the Nasimi district of Baku and the Higher School of Fortis Academy and Modern Innovations Yashar Seyidaliev spoke. He spoke about the conditions established for those wishing to take part in the preparatory courses for the Olympiad, which is considered the most prestigious competition in geography, which will be held in October and noted the pupil of Baku secondary school No.309 Huseyn Huseynli, as well as Murad Garayev from the village of Mamyrli, Terter region getting ready for iGeo.

Y.Seidaliev noted that sientists-geographers Zakir Eminov, Zaur Imrani, Gabil Samadov, Shekar Mammadova, Narmina Seyfullayeva, Elnur Safarov, Mahir Sarkarli and others played a special role in preparing students for the international event. At the end of his speech, the project leader expressed gratitude to the Institute of Geography of ANAS and the Republican Geographical Society for their support.