General Director spoke about the environmental situation at a scientific seminar at BSU 2022-03-16 13:33:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

General Director of the Institute of Geography of ANAS named after Acad. H.A.Aliyeva, Doctor of Geography Zakir Eminov took part in the Scientific Seminar on the theme "Let's protect the nature of Azerbaijan", held at Baku State University in connection with the "Day of Science".

The event, organized by the Faculty of Geography of the University, was attended by faculty, undergraduates and other persons.

Zakir Eminov made a presentation "Modern environmental problems in the Republic of Azerbaijan and ways to solve them." He said that a person is a part of nature and no matter how strong he considers himself, he depends on nature - natural conditions, natural resources. Therefore, natural resources must be used wisely. As a result of unplanned economic activities of people, serious damage is caused to nature, an ecological imbalance is created. 

Regarding the assessment of water resources, Z. Eminov noted that the last time this work was carried out 50 years ago. He noted that this is very important for determining the growing need of the population for water: “It is necessary to radically change the attitude towards the use of natural resources, develop a comprehensive action plan, and strengthen state control over the use of natural resources. Otherwise, humanity may face an ecological catastrophe. Everything depends on us".

Then the ecological situation in the country was discussed. University scientists Shakyar Mammadova, Yagub Garibov, Tair Ibrahimov, Ramiz Ahlimanov and others made presentations on the state of national parks, reserves and sanctuaries, deforestation, rational use of water, the problem of desertification, the study of nature protection in Azerbaijan by cartographic methods.

The speakers at the event considered it expedient for representatives of state bodies to participate in such seminars, and also emphasized the importance of taking into account the opinions and proposals of scientists and specialists in the implementation of projects of national importance.