The bibliography of the geographer published 2022-03-10 15:27:00 / NEW PUBLICATIONS

The bibliography of Hussein Agamali oglu Khalilov is published by the Institute of Geography named after Academician G.A. Alieva ANAS.

The booklet dedicated to the bibliography of the late head of the Department of Geomorphology and Natural Risks of the Institute of Geography, Doctor of Geography, Professor Husseyn Khalilov, was published by decision of the Academic Council No. 2 dated January 26, 2022 and on the personal initiative of the leading researcher of the department, Doctor of Philosophy in Geographical Sciences Tofig Gurbanov. The bibliography reflects the main stages of life, scientific, scientific-organizational, pedagogical and social activities of a prominent geographer.

The booklet is intended for researchers, specialists in the field of geography and geology, who are interested in the history of science.