A new book on the hydrophysical properties of soils has been published 2021-12-24 17:24:00 / NEW PUBLICATIONS

A book by the head of the department of the Institute of Geography of ANAS named after acad. G.A. Aliyev, Doctor of Geographical Sciences Chingiz Gulaliyev "Thermoelectric, hydrophysical properties of soils in Azerbaijan and their practical significance."

The monograph, written under the scientific supervision of the former full member of ANAS, Ramiz Mammadov, is based on the generalization of the results of many years of research by the author.

The work is devoted to a comprehensive study on the main types of Azerbaijani soils of the regularities of changes in the electric field, thermal conductivity, heat capacity, heat absorption, electrical conductivity, electrical resistance, dielectric constant, dielectric loss tangent depending on soil density, moisture percentage, temperature, physical and chemical composition, the depth of the soil profile, the frequency of the electric field.

The author hopes that this book can be a useful resource for those interested, and will also help students, doctoral students, soil scientists, agrophysicists in general to improve a multi-parameter device for measuring soil moisture and temperature, carry out various reclamation activities, and study soil moisture, temperature and electrical properties.