Geographer on the importance of solving demographic problems 2021-11-10 17:04:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

General Director of the Institute of Geography of ANAS named after academician H.A. Aliyev, DSc in geography Zakir Eminov took part in an international scientific seminar organized on November 10 at Baku State University on the occasion of the "World Science Day".

The General Director gave a presentation “World population problems and development paths in the post-pandemic period, etc. Emphasizing that environmental problems such as global warming, food and fresh water supply, protection of oceans and air basins, demography are the most important global problems, exciting the world community, he spoke about the importance of uniting countries for their solution. According to the scientist, their solution is always associated with a number of problems, not all countries can or want to take a positive approach to solving global problems, most of them do not have financial resources. On the other hand, hegemonic countries often do not want to take practical actions in this direction and there is no way to influence them.

Considering population problems as one of the global problems, the speaker spoke about the growth and uneven distribution of the population, the regulation of natural growth, age and aging of the population, intensive migration around the world, coronavirus disease and the deterioration of sanitary and epidemiological conditions.

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