The geographer gave interesting information about mud volcanoes 2021-10-02 13:57:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Leading Researcher of the Department of Landscape Science and Landscape Planning of the Institute of Geography, Elina Kerimova, Ph.D. in geography, took part in the program "This is Azerbaijan" on the CBC channel.

Invited as an expert in the next issue of the program dedicated to mud volcanoes, E. Kerimova spoke about this unique natural phenomenon, history, laws of formation and research, its medical significance.

Noting that Azerbaijan is the birthplace of mud volcanoes, Kerimova said that 45% of mud volcanoes on Earth are located in our country. About 70 percent of these 350 volcanoes are currently active. The world's largest Turagay and the most active volcanoes of Lokbatan, reaching a height of 400 meters, are also located in Azerbaijan.

One of the interesting facts is that mud volcanoes and oil fields are located close to each other. Thus, the eruption of a mud volcano indicates the presence of nearby oil fields. The scientist also spoke about the connection of mud volcanoes with earthquakes and sea level fluctuations, the achievements of Azerbaijani scientists in the study of mud volcanoes.