Employees of the Institute of Geography spoke at an educational seminar 2021-09-29 13:48:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Leading Researcher of the Department "Demography and Geography of the Population", Ph.D. Rovshan Kerimov took part in an informational and educational online seminar organized by the Department of Scientific Research and Education (TƏBIB) and the Department of International Relations of ANAS.

The purpose of the event, organized for highly qualified specialists in the medical field in Azerbaijan, was to encourage them to participate in international projects and to be more active in this area.

Rovshan Kerimov, National Coordinator of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program, made a presentation “Horizon Europe: Rules for Preparing Project Proposals”. He informed the participants of the seminar about the technical rules for the preparation of project proposals for the Horizon Europe program, the conditions for preparing the documentation. The scientist also explained the initial conditions for identifying potential partner organizations, the criteria for evaluating project proposals, what factors must be taken into account in order to increase the likelihood of success, and answered the questions.