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Baku State University 

Scientific degree:

Doctor of Philosophy in Geography



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Social - economic and political geography

The geographical problems of area forming of population and territorial organization of production in Guba-Xachmaz economic region.

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The potential of natural recourses of dministrative and economical-geographic regions was valorized and importance of area structure in concentration of production area was researched from the economic-geographical  point of view, taking into consideration perspective characteristics of  the main leader area of the region, the developmental  tendencies were determined,  map schemes and models were made by him.

Names of scientific works:

1.Reconstruction of “Historical Silk Road” and economic-geographic problems of development of the transport-communication system of Azerbaijan. / The 100 jubilee of the prof. H.A.Aliyev. Scientific conference. Baku State University. Baku-2000, p. 3-6

2.The economy and ecologic importance of the forests in Azerbaijan./ “Azerbaijan after self-dependence”. İnternational conference. Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, Caucasus University. Baku 3-4 March 2003, p. 155-157

3.Some problems of the agriculture in Guba-Xachmaz economic region./ “News”, "Earth Sciences" ser. №4. Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Baku-2003, p. 174-178.

4.Development ways of international tourism in Azerbaijan, s Caspian coastal zones // “Science and technology”. International journal of scientific articles, book4. Association of Universities of pre Caspian states. Atrau-2006. p. 50-52

5.The role of industry area to improve populations’ social status in Guba-Xachmaz economic region. /The news of Baku University. "Earth Sciences" ser. №1, Baku State University. Baku-2006, p. 146-151

6.Guba-Xachmaz economic region. Baku-2007, Science, p. 172.

7.About regular development of highland areas in Azerbaijan republic and science montology./ "Earth Sciences"№2. The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, Azerbaijan University of Languages. Baku, 2007, p. 216-218

8.Current state of tourist-recreational complex in the Azerbaijan Republic // IV International Conference "Quality Strategy in Industry and Education", series 1. Varna 2008, p. 264-265

9.Economic and environmental problems of the Caspian Sea / / The study of biological systems and the state, bio-ecological research methods. Republic of Dagestan. Makhachkala 2009. p. 135-137

10.Comparative analysis of economic and demographical development and pollution environment in cities of Azerbaijan // IV International Conference "Quality Strategy in industry and education." Series 1. Varna 2010, p. 248-250

11.Ecological Status of the Caspian Sea and Oil Factor /Turan: science magazine of ideas and culture. Istanbul-2010, p. 91-94

12.Damage to the ecological environment and human health by nuclear power plants /  University Environment. Issue VI, Republic of Dagestan. Makhachkala 2011, p. 258-261

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Pedagogical activity:

Freelancer (teacher) in Geography faculty , “Economic and social geography” department at Baku State University.

Other activities:


Awards and prizes:

Has got 6 international certificates, 1 diploma and 4 certificates of Honor.

1.Honored Scientist of the scientific conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Professor H.A.Aliyev depth BSU Honorary Degree for his speech in 2000.

2.İn preparation for the end of the war and humanitarian achievements of the Honorary Degree Ministry of Defense in 2000

3.İn 2002, according to the military service of the highest achievements of the 84th founding anniversary of the Armed Forces in June 26, Ministry of Defense, was awarded with Honorary Degree

4."Youth and Science Weekly" frame "the science and youth: realities, perspectives and proposals on" meaningful conference for a presentation of the Honorary Degree of Sciences in 2010.

5."The innovative idea of Young Scientists Fair" for participating in the NASA Certificate in 2010.

Main place of work and its address:

ANAS, İnstitute of Geography named by H.A.Aliyev. The department of “Azerbaijan economic and social geography”.  Az 1143, Azerbaijan, Baku, H.Javid avenue 115


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(050) 301-43-77






[email protected]