Alekperova Samira Oktay


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Baku State University

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Ph.D in geography



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Economic-social and political geography


Economic-geographical research of influence of torrents of the economy of the Azerbaijan Republik.

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Basic scientific achievements

Dissertational work is devoted to economic - geographical research of influence of torrents on an economy of the Azerbaijan Republic. From this point of view the given work has the great scientific and practical importance.

The first chapter is devoted to theoretical and methodological bases of the carried out researches in torrent regions of Azerbaijan and the world. The role of natural and anthropogenous factors in formation of torrents is determined.

In the second chapter for the first time on the basis of the real quantity indicators damnifed by torrents the economic - geographical estimation of influence of torrents on development of economic objects and the organization of territory in all torrent river basins of Azerbaijan is given. On the basis of interpretation of taking place at different times aerospace pictures (ASP), statistical materials, literary sources and author’s personal field researches the dynamics of development of settlements in various torrent river basins is determined and mapped.

Names of scientific works

1. Динамика усиления селеопасности в горных регионах и их воздействие на природно-хозяйственную систему (на примере Азербайджанской части Большого Кавказа) / Вестник Вороженского Государственного Университета, 2014

2. Антропогенная активизацая опользневых процессов в азербайджанской части Большого Кавказа /  IV Меж. Конфиренция «Наука» образование Германия, 2013 г., с. 111-117

3. Природные и антропогенные факторы в проявлении катастрофических процессов рельефообразования в азербайджанской части Большого Кавказа / Материалы Международный Науч.-практ. Конференции «УП Жандаевские чтения». Алматы, 2013, с. 39-43


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Other activities

At meeting from April, 18th, 2013 has entered into Council of Young Scientists of Institute of Geography. From that day the given Council spent works in following directions: popular scientific, cultural, organizational and educations. After a work suspension of "the Center of intellectual development of youth», at meeting on November, 7th, 2013 at Geography Institute Council of young scientists has been liquidated and created new the organisations «Young scientists and experts» and chosen by the chairman of the given Council.







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AZ1143, Azerbaijan, Baku, H. Javid str., 31, Institute of Geography of ANAS


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+994 12 539 33 76









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