Rahimov Matlab Kamil 

Place of birth

Gizilburun village, Hajigabul region, Republic of Azerbaijan

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Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute

Scientific degree

PhD in Geography



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Мeteorology                                                          Assessment of impact of the expected climate change on agro-climatic resources of the southern slope of Greater Caucasus

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Basic scientific achievements

1. Variations of some climatic parameters happening in different regions of Azerbaijan due to desertification and human impact are studied. 2. For the first time the effect of climate change on heat resources and moisture in the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus was studied

Names of scientific works

1. Fluctuations in some climatic parameters during desertification process in Talysh region.

2. Climatic indicators of anthropogenic changes in the forests of Kura-Aras lowland.

3. Analysis of dynamics of long-term changes by the heat resources in the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus

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Institute of Geography of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Baku city.




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