Director of IS AS RUz appealed on the issue of publishing articles 2021-09-02 13:17:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Director of the Institute of Seismology of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan Vakhob Rafikov addressed a letter to the General Director of the Center for Seismological Service, Corresponding Member of ANAS, Professor Gurban Etirmishli. The letter contains a request to send scientific articles to the journal "Problems of Seismology" in order to expand scientific ties and get acquainted with the scientific results obtained by seismologists of the both countries. It was noted that the publication in this journal of the results of research carried out by specialists and other scientific institutes of earth sciences in Azerbaijan will bring scientific achievements to the wide scientific community and assess the current level of results.

It should be noted that the scientific journal "Problems of Seismology", published since 2019 by the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, is published twice a year. The journal publishes scientific articles on seismic hazard assessment and seismic zoning, earthquake prediction, technogenic seismicity, seismotectonics and geodynamics, engineering seismology, seismic monitoring and related geographic information systems in all areas of geophysics related to seismology.