Scientific conference "Karabakh - the road to victory" was held 2021-08-31 12:32:00 / CONFERENCES

The XVII International Scientific Conference on the theme "Karabakh: the path to victory", organized by the Institute of Geography of ANAS, the Guba branch of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, the Military Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Nakhchivan Institute of Teachers and the assistance of the Elger International Scientific Center, together with the Gothenburg university in Sweden.

The conference received more than 170 applications from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Sweden, Ukraine and Russia, 95 articles were evaluated by the scientific team and accepted for presentation, discussions on all sections of science were held in 8 sections.

The organizers of the event made presentations at the opening and spoke about the Second Karabakh war, its political, economic, social, environmental problems and prospects. General Director of the Institute of Geography, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor Zakir Eminov dedicated his report to the current demographic situation in Karabakh and the expected results in the future.

In the 7th section, dedicated to the Department of Earth Sciences and Geography of the conference, the moderator of which was the head of Department of the Institute of Geography, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Zaur Imrani, Dr.Sc. Nariman Pashaev, Ph.D. Mirnukh Ismailov and Ph.D. Sevil Guliyeva, Ph.D. Sima Aliyeva, Kamala Zeynalova and other employees gave speeches.