The monograph by Maharram Hasanov has been published 2021-08-16 14:39:00 / NEW PUBLICATIONS

The monograph of the recently deceased Deputy Director for Research of the Institute of Geography, laureate of the State Prize, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor Maharram Hasanov "The Impact of Modern Climate Change on Certain Agricultural Areas of Azerbaijan" has been published.

The book, published by the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute of Geography, is based on the author's dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Geographical Sciences.

The work consists of 416 pages and 5 chapters and covers climate change and its impact on the economy of Azerbaijan, the state of grain crops in our country, the meteorological conditions for the formation of grain crops, the phenology of the tea plant, the dependence of development on meteorological elements and the development prospects and use of arid and semi-arid territories.

The book was published for the 67th anniversary of the birth of M. Hasanov.

The presentation of the monograph will take place on August 26, the author's birthday.