Geographers have studied the biological activity of the natural environment 2021-07-09 13:17:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Employees of the department "Ecogeography" of the Institute of Geography went on an expedition to Sumgait and its environs under the leadership of the head of the department, PhD Anvar Aliyev.

The aim was to study environmental pollution from stationary and non-stationary sources and their impact on human health.

To determine the biological activity of the natural environment, the researchers took samples from various sources in accordance with the methodological requirements at pre-selected observation points. Analysis of samples will make it possible to assess changes in the biocenosis of microorganisms, the level of prevalence of a number of infectious or parasitic diseases that affect human health. The indicators characterizing the biological activity will also make it possible to characterize the degree of susceptibility of biocenosis, especially soil, vegetation, water sources to various types of pollution, the degree of their risk to public health, as well as the state of the self-cleaning ability of this environment.

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