A water saving system must be developed 2021-03-31 08:31:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

The head of the Department of Landscape Research and Landscape Planning of the Institute of Geography named after V.I. Academician G.A. Aliyev of ANAS, Ph.D., associate professor Mirnukh Ismayilov told ATV “Xəbər” about the state of the Kura River.

He explained the root cause of water scarcity and growing demand for water to global climate change, noting that this process has been going on for the past 10-15 years. According to him, Georgia, Armenia and Iran intensively use the rivers flowing into the Kura and Araz in the Kura river basin. Reservoirs are being built on these territories; irrigated areas are expanding, which reduces the amount of water flowing into the Kura and Araz.

Emphasizing that the water resources of Azerbaijan cannot meet the current needs of the country, the expert sees a way out in the construction of small reservoirs on rivers, the efficient use of inland water resources and the reconstruction of water-saving systems.