Another comet will pass by Earth in May 2020-04-21 14:28:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

April 11, 2020, on the same day that Comet Atlas fell into three parts, amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo discovered a new comet by looking at data from the NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

The NASA Observatory, which Michael used, is not designed to search for comets. Its task is to search for hydrogen in the solar system. But since the comet spews a lot of hydrogen in the form of water, steam and ice, the equipment noticed it.

The new comet moves along a very elongated ellipse. According to the conclusion of the orbital simulator, the comet flies around the Sun for about 25 million years. This means that the last time it flashed through the sky, paraceterium walked across the Earth - a hornless rhinoceros, one of the largest land mammals. 

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