The second volume of “Geography and Ethnos of the Turkic World” 2019-12-26 11:43:00 / NEW PUBLICATIONS

The second volume of the three-volumes "Geography and Ethnos of the Turkic World" has been published by the Institute of Geography named after acad. H.Aliyev of ANAS.

The idea author and adviser of Economic and Social Geography volume is academician Akif Alizadeh, editors-in-chiefs are academicians Ramiz Mammadov and Nizami Jafarov.

The work has been elaborated by Doctors of Geographical sciences Zakir Eminov and Nariman Pashayev, PhDs in Geography Maharram Hasanov, Nizami Eyyubov, Zaur Imrani, Gunesh Aghakishiyeva, Etibar Badalov, Samira Alakbarova, Rovshan Karimov and Hijran Tahirova.

The book examines the economic-geographic and social state of 6 independent states and 11 national organizations of the Turkic world. The location and geographical-economic position of approximately 11 million square kilometers, up to 200 million people, and analyzes the role and participation of these countries in the restoration of the ancient Silk Road.

The second volume consists of three chapters. The chapter “Economic-Geographical Position and Political Geography of the Turkic World” explores its geopolitical location and geopolitical significance of the Eurasian transport corridor for the Turkic world.

The third chapter, titled “The Common Turkic World Economy”, analyzes the economic systems of the region industrial systems - agriculture, transport, social infrastructure, tourism and recreational potential based on economic indicators of recent years, and evaluates their future development trends.

The publication is rich of encyclopedic data and provided with maps, diagrams, and photos.

The work is a valuable scientific source for a wide range of readers, specialists in public administration, professor-teacher staff of the university, bachelors, masters and doctoral students, tourism companies and anyone interested in the Turkic worlde.

At the same time, the first volume of the three-volume “Geography and Ethnos of the Turkic World” was published in Russian language.