AGS conference to be held in Agdash 2019-09-09 11:04:00 / EVENTS

During the years of independence, economic reforms in Azerbaijan are aimed at the development of regions.

New enterprises and services, social and cultural facilities and a transport and communication network are created at the level of modern requirements along with the restoration of existing economic facilities. 

Preserving the land-plant ecological balance, protecting the potential of the region’s natural landscapes, using the potential of constantly expanding national parks are important tasks. Their role is also great in the development of tourism.

The main tasks of scientists are to develop the scientific foundations of ongoing activities, scientific innovation, use the potential of natural and geographical conditions, and study the role of future activities in the territorial organization of the economy and population.

A scientific and practical conference of the Azerbaijan Geographical Society, dedicated to the organization and management of natural and economic systems in arid regions of Azerbaijan will be held in late October and early November 2019 in Agdash.

The main themes of the conference are: 

Current state and prospects of landscape use

Assessment of water resources and modern climate, their use and protection

Ecogeographic basis of sustainable development of Azerbaijan

 Problems of using the potential of the native resources of the regions

Efficient land use and related environmental issues

Land cover protection

Socio-economic and demographic development, regional problems and promising areas.