AzScienceNet provided large-capacity memory resources to the Institute of Geography of ANAS 2019-01-24 11:49:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Scientific works are conducted in different directions in the Institute of Geography named after acad. H.Aliyev of ANAS. Environmental changes in the Caspian Sea are mapped. The Atlas of the Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, geographical maps of different content were prepared. The impact of exo-dynamic processes on the environment, mapping of eco-geomorphological forecasts, global climate changes and models of the influence of anthropogenic factors on the environment, as well as landscape maps, the creation of environmental and geographical monitoring systems, etc. are being studied.

Aerospace information (space and aerial photographs, images obtained from unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.) as well as vector, attribute and territorial data are widely used in carrying out these works

The AzScienceNet Science and Computer Network of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS has provided the Cloud Storage resources to the Institute of Geography of ANAS. It is planned to provide the institute with up to 5 terabytes of memory resources.

Note that Cloud Storage is a free service provided to institutions and organizations of ANAS. This service provides secure storage of large amounts of data, which is of particular importance.

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