Paleogeographer made a report at a conference in Gabala 2018-10-08 16:47:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

October 1-5, the head of the department of Paleogeography of the Institute of Geography, D. Sc. Elens Taghiyeva, participated in the International Scientific Conference in Gabala “Azykh Paleolithic Camp in Azerbaijan and Migration flows.

The event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the early Azikhantrop hominid in Azerbaijan, along with Azerbaijani specialists and archaeologists, also involved relevant experts from Russia, Ukraine, England, Georgia and other countries.

The geographer made a report on “The Climatic and Landscape Conditions of the Eopleistocene and Neopleistocene as a factor of the Initial Settlement in Azerbaijan territory.

According to the unanimous decision of the conference participants, the Cave Azykh is the most ancient mon ument