Training on “collecting” and “warning” 2018-05-08 17:31:00 / EVENTS

According to the annual plan of events in IG, training was held to collect and prevent      the civil defense groups. The purpose of the training was to prevent emergencies, improve the skills of personnel in the event of alarms “collecting” and “warning”.  

The chairman of the Emergency Committee of the Institute of Geography, Deputy Director for science, assistant professor Maharram Hasanov noted the importance of conducting training and gave information about the specifics of the training on “collection” and “warning”.

The chief of staff of the Civil Defense Group, Namazali Mustafayev, spoke about the rules of behavior and the way out of the situation in the disaster with minimal losses.

During the training, alarms were sounded, envisaged in cases of danger: fire, earthquake, radiation, etc. N.Mustafayev answered questions that interested the participants of the training.