A Austrian specialist made presentations to young scientists and students 2018-04-06 18:14:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

April 3-6, the Institute organized workshops for young scientists, specialists and students under the guidance of Dr. Andre Baldermann, invited from Graz University of Technology in Austria with the organizational support of the Institute of Geography and financial support of the company “LightHouse”.  

The purpose of visit of A. Baldermann to Azerbaijan was lectures and opinion exchange about the work carried out by the Paleogeography Department of the Institute of Geography on the theme “Climate of Eastern Paratethis and sea level changes during the Miocene period”.

Within three days, Dr. Andre Baldermann made reports on the following issues: “The role of clay minerals in iron migration in biochemical processes”,”Restoration of paleoclimatic conditions of the Miocene period in the lake gorge in Mongolia”.

The event was also attended by Associate Prof. of the State Oil and Industrial University Aghamehsdi Aghayev, representatives of the company “LightHouse” Davidi Cosimi and Anna Simoventi.