19 September 2020, Saturday
Report on the assessment of landscape-ecological potential at workshop 2018-03-28 15:21:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

At the scientific workshop of the Institute of Geography under the chairmanship of academician Ramiz Mammadov, Jahan Siraj gizy Mammadova made a report on the topic “Assessment of the landscape and ecological potential of the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus”.

The reporter, who determined the main directions of using the natural landscapes of the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus, reported that she relied on previous studies and their results using traditional methods, but mainly used a new modern approach and methods. Field measurements and remote sensing, interpolation of observations were made; ecological potential of landscapes was taken into account.

J.Mammadova stressed that since 2000, industrial production in the Republic of Azerbaijan, including the South slope of the Greater Caucasus, has increased significantly. The products of household waste in the form of gas and chemicals released into the atmosphere are considered to be the main indicators leading to environmental tension.

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