Scientists of the Institute of Geography have been on expedition in the Caspian region 2017-10-17 01:14:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

The staff of our institute, PhD in g., assoc. prof. M.I.Yunusov, PhD in phys./math. sciences, assoc. prof. Z.T.Imrani, PhD in g. E.D.Kerimova, PhD, PhD in g., doc. I.Y Kuchinskaya and PhD in g. S.G. Mammadov visited the southern region of Azerbaijan within the framework of work on the project “Investigation of geomorphology and dynamics, as well as socio-economic and environmental situation in the Caspian region of Azerbaijan at a changing sea level”.

During the expedition the scientists got acquainted with the current state of the coastal strip, environmental situation in the region, socio-economic conditions and infrastructure. Monitoring of the consequences of storm rain during the last days was monitored. The dynamics of the coastal strip within the delta of the Kura and the Kyzylagach reserve was studied separately.

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