Workshop in Kiev 2016-06-21 15:28:00 / EVENTS

The leading scientific researcher Rovshan Karimov and GIS engineer Elvin Amrahov were sent on a mission to Kiev city, where they participated in the ERRA Regional Workshop, organized by the EU-funded Programme for the Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-Made Disasters in the EaP Countries (PPRD East 2 Programme) on 14-15th June of 2015.

The event was attended by representatives of ministries and services of emergency situations, ICT experts, researchers and specialists in management of natural disasters and relevant database from Italy, France, as well as 6 countries of the CIS. The conducted discussions enabled to exchange ideas and views on the creation of electronic atlas of risk of natural disasters in the Eastern Partnership countries. The challenges, existing in this area were analyzed as well. Moreover, the training on the establishment and improvement of a network of ERRA in the EaP countries was conducted by Italian experts. Rovshan Karimov and Elvin Amrahov were granted the certificate of PPRD East-2 project at the end of the event.

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