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A new book called “Anthropogenic geomorphology of the big Baku” has been published under the authorship of the employees of the Institute of Geography: corresponding member of ANAS, Doctor of geographical sciences E. Alizade, and PhDs in geography, assoc. prof. S.A. Tarikhazer, S.G. Mamedov and Z.A. Hamidova. The monograph was published in Russian language under the scientific editorship of Academician Ramiz Mammadov.  

The first page of the book contains a photo of Baku and the following words: “In memory of Elbrus Alizade, scientist-geographer and a remarkable person, who, unfortunately, did not see the publication of the monograph”.

This book, consisting of 4 chapters and 298 pages, is the fruit of research on the basis of a grant project. The corresponding maps and diagrams were drawn up.

The monograph includes detailed information on exogenous geomorphological processes, dangerous landslide zones, important for the design of future residential and industrial zones.

The book is intended for specialists in this field, as well as teachers and students.

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