A seminar was held on the “role of artificial intelligence in geography 2024-04-18 19:02:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Pupils of the Binagadi district secondary school No. 135 named after Aliaga Shikhlinsky visited the Institute of Geography named after academician H. Aliyev of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Azerbaijan Republic.

At a meeting dedicated to the “Application of artificial intelligence in geography,” the general director, Professor Zakir Eminov, told students about the history of the Institute of Geography, gave extensive information about the areas of research, outstanding scientists, scientific achievements, international relations, etc. He said that the staff of the institute are always happy to meet with schoolchildren and welcome their interest in science, especially geography, and always try to support talented and hardworking students according to a long-standing tradition between the institution and schoolchildren.

Leading researcher at the Department of Climate and Agroclimatology, Doctor of Geographical Sciences Hasan Nabiyev discussed climate change, the problems of drought and desertification, the role of modern technologies in climate research, gave information about meteorological weapons and synoptic forecasts.