March 27 – Science Day in Azerbaijan 2024-03-27 15:03:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

March 27 is Science Day in Azerbaijan. This significant day is celebrated as a holiday for the scientific community of Azerbaijan as a whole. The establishment of Science Day in Azerbaijan by the Decree of President Ilham Aliyev dated April 9, 2018 is one of the bright examples of attention at the state level to the relevant area.

Science Day in our country also coincides with the day of the creation of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. After the creation of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan in 1945, a perfect organizational structure of science was formed in the republic, and scientific research became systematic.

Reforms in the education sector are identified as one of the main goals according to the “Social and Economic Development Strategy for 2022-2026”. It is planned to continue reforms in general education, expand the scope of vocational education, increase the accessibility and completeness of higher education, and implement measures in many other areas.

At the same time, important steps are being taken to modernize the scientific and technical infrastructure of our country, strengthening the material and technical base of research institutions in accordance with their status and tasks. Also, ensuring the integration of science and education, improving the system of training highly qualified scientific personnel is one of the main tasks facing Azerbaijani science.

Ensuring the continuous and systematic development of science, adapting the institutional system of scientific activity and financing mechanisms to world standards, ensuring the effective use of scientific potential in the development of society in all directions, modernizing the material and technical base and infrastructure of science, etc. are the main goals of state policy in the field of science.