An article on soil and vegetation cover research was published in one of the Journals with highest Impact Factor 2024-03-07 15:47:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

A scientific article by the head of the land resources department of the Institute of Geography, associate professor, Ph.D. in agricultural sciences Ismail Guliyev and junior researcher Rauf Huseynov was published in the highly rated journal “Advanced Remote Sensing” of the University of Mersin (Turkey).

The article “Comparative nature and monitoring of some parameters of soil and vegetation by remote sensing in the Zangilan zone” compared and monitored the results of changes in a number of parameters. It has been determined that some parameters of soil and vegetation cover have positive dynamics, and some have negative dynamics. Change detection is based on comparison of various parameters (NDVI, LST, VHI) through remote sensing using satellite images (Landsat 5 TM; Landsat 8 OLI) within the study area. Changes in the area of forest ecosystems due to negative environmental and anthropogenic impacts over different years (1990-2022) were also compared. It was determined that the area of optimally developed forests decreased by 84.5% (10,838.05 hectares).

The area of heavily degraded territories during the occupation in the Zangilan administrative region increased in 2022 by 14.55% (10,202.76 hectares) compared to 1990, and the area of degraded territories at the background level decreased by 14.78% (10,357.91 hectares ). Currently, work to restore the ecological balance must be carried out taking into account the balance between these two classes.