The II International Scientific and Practical Conference on Contemporary Problems of Geography took place 2023-11-23 17:16:00 / CONFERENCES

The II international scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev “Modern problems of geography: integration of science and education” of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held at the Institute of Geography named after academician Heydar Aliyev of the Ministry of Science and Education.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Institute of Geography named after academician H.A. Aliyev, Azerbaijan Geographical Society, Bursa Uludag University (Turkey), Kyrgyz Academy of Education, Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute (Uzbekistan), Tiraspol State University (Moldova), Dagestan State Technical University (Russia).

General Director of the Institute, Professor Zakir Eminov welcomed the guests and made an opening speech. He noted that in connection with the announcement of 2023 as the “Year of Heydar Aliyev,” events dedicated to the great leader were held at the Institute of Geography, 4 scientific conferences were held, articles were published in the state newspapers of the republic, and employees took part in dozens of scientific events. His services to the nation and people are inexhaustible and endless. Noting that interesting reports would be heard at the meeting, the General Director wished success to the conference and gave the floor to the conference organizer Z. Imrani for information.

After the executive director of the institute, Ph.D., Associate Professor Zaur Imrani informed the participants about the organizational work of the event, Doctor of Physical Sciences, Associate Professor Yusif Aliyev, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Shovgi Geychayli, Rza Mahmudov, Mejal Gojamanov, Chingiz Ismailov, Associate Professor Magomed Abduev, Ph.D. Mirnukh Ismailov gave a speech and shared their thoughts about the great leader Heydar Aliyev, the savior of Azerbaijani statehood, the founder of modern independent Azerbaijan, who understood the problems of Azerbaijani science and education, and cared about scientists and teachers.

The speakers also noted that the reports that will be heard and the exchange of ideas towards the integration of science and education will play a positive role in resolving geographical issues.

The participants were especially interested in the speeches of Turkish guests - Doctor of Art History of Azerbaijani origin, Professor Rafik Imrani and President of the Association of Culture and Arts of Kars (Turkey) Vedat Akçayoz. Author V. Akçayoz, who presented the institute with his 400-page beautifully bound book “Ani with New Discoveries,” noted that he devoted 25 years of his life to the study of the mysterious city of Ani in Turkey, which our hated neighbors consider the capital of ancient Armenia.

Videos were shown of representatives of foreign countries who were invited to the conference, but were unable to take part in the meeting.

Then the conference continued its work in plenary sessions.

The meetings discussed modern problems of geography - the use of water resources, regional organization of agriculture, hydrometeorological problems, problems of the level of the Caspian Sea, socio-economic problems in territories liberated from occupation, climate, toponymy, demography, landscape planning, efficient land use, tourism and recreation, teaching geography, ecology. Reports were heard and discussions were held on these topics.

Articles by conference participants were published in a two-volume “Modern Problems of Geography”.