IG scientist talks about expected landslides 2023-09-15 12:52:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Head of Department of the Institute of Geography named after Acad. H. Aliyev Mirnukh Ismayilov, associate professor Mirnukh Ismailov in the “News” of the AzTV channel gave an explanation about the landslide in the Baku region.

Speaking about the necessary measures to prevent landslides, the scientist especially noted the need for engineering and technical work. He said that now is a period of active landslides, it is necessary to be quite careful. On the way to Bibiheybat, rock avalanches are expected in landslide-avalanche-prone areas. Here it is necessary to build a powerful drainage system to drain groundwater from the territory. Monitoring is also important.

You can watch the interview here: https://www.google.com/search?