The geographer spoke about the novelties in wireless power transmission 2023-03-29 16:54:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Ismail Zeynalov, Leading Researcher of the Caspian Sea Monitoring Department of the Institute of Geography named after Academician H.A.Aliyev of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Sciences, took part in the 4th International Online Congress on Social Sciences, "Innovations and educational technologies” (Paris, France).

At the event, the scientist made a presentation "Basic principles of building a wireless power distribution network."

The speaker said that they have gained new advantages in wireless power transmission. According to him, various segments of the new network proposed to create this energy were analyzed. Specifications and explanations for each segment are given. It talks about how to use artificial satellites to operate this network and what types of satellites are suitable for this network. Financial problems associated with the use of the proposed distribution network were also discussed.

At the end of a very interesting conversation, the design of this network for the production of wireless energy was discussed.