Meeting with public relations responsibles 2023-01-25 15:03:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

On January 25, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Science and Education with public relations employers of the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (ANAS).

The purpose of the meeting was to build closer relations with the public and discuss effective communication activities. Adviser to the Minister of Science and Education Elnur Nasibov made a speech and drew attention to the role of public relations in the popularization of science, the practical presentation of theoretical research, the need to attract young people to the field of science through interesting projects.

The head of the public relations sector, Jasarat Valekhov, in turn, touched upon the issues of organizing joint cooperation, establishing communication through various means, increasing the visibility of science, broader coverage of the work done in this area, establishing mutual relations between institutes and higher educational institutions.

At the meeting, the employees of the institutes spoke and gave information about their activities and Internet resources.

At the end, discussions were held with the participants on the issues of correctly communicating the work done to society, creating a unified network environment, training in the direction of professional development, the significance of seminars, and other issues.

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