A book on the study of East Zangezur oikonyms has been published 2022-03-27 15:56:00 / NEW PUBLICATIONS

A new edition of the Institute of Geography named after Academician H. Aliyev was published under the title "The study of the oikonim of Eastern Zangezur from the point of view of geography, history and language". The author of the book - Natig Babaev, senior researcher of the department of geographic thought and toponymy, chief editor – D.Sc. in geography Zakir Eminov, scientific editor - leading scientific employee of the department Mahira Abbasova. In the monograph devoted to the liberation of Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur, consisting of 5 chapters, the names of settlements in the historical territories of Eastern Zangezur are studied. In the first chapter of the work, the peculiarities of the formation of the study of Eastern-Zangezur oikonims are fundamentally explained, the origin, theoretical and methodological grounds are explained. In the second and third chapters, preference was given to the study of oikonimov, created with the help of national geographic terms, as well as terms of ancient Turkic origin. In the fourth and fifth chapters, a successful research work was carried out in the field of complex study of ethnotoponym related to the ancient history of the peoples of Eastern Zangezur, especially proving that the Oghuz were the aboriginal inhabitants of these territories. The book is intended for scientific workers, teachers and students, as well as a wide range of readers.