A new book on the current state of the population has been published 2022-12-19 17:36:00 / NEW PUBLICATIONS

A new monograph titled "Modern quality of life of the population of the Republic of Azerbaijan" was published, written jointly by the General Director of the Institute of Geography named after academician H.Aliyev, Doctor of Geography Zakir Eminov and Ph.D. Solmaz Rzayeva, head of the Department of Medical Geography.

The article examines the factors that determine the quality of life of the population of the country, the dynamics of their quantitative indicators, issues of regional distribution.

The monograph reflects the dynamics of economic, sociocultural and demographic processes that have taken place recently, as well as the factors influencing them and the main results.

The book is intended for researchers involved in population geography, demography, economic geography, for students of higher educational institutions (bachelors and masters), specialists involved in regional planning and a wide range of readers.