The scientist gave an interview about the increase in drowning in the Caspian 2022-08-25 13:37:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Doctor of geographical sciences, Professor Amir Aliyev, head of the department "Geomorphology of the shores and bottom of the Caspian Sea" of the Institute of Geography named after academician H.Aliyev of ANAS, gave an interview to Baku TV, investigating the reasons for the increase in drowning cases in the Caspian Sea.

Emphasizing that the Caspian Sea is considered one of the most turbulent seas in the world, the scientist pointed out that the height of the waves near the coast reaches 10-12 meters. He said that due to the climate at sea, windy weather is observed 250 days a year, as a result of which ravines and whirlpools form in the water. Vortices are formed as a result of the reflection of water in the direction of the speed of a wave approaching the shore when the north wind blows, and a person in the water in the area is in danger of drowning.

According to A. Aliyev, the degree of salinity of the Caspian Sea is much lower compared to the ocean and other seas; for example, if 1 liter of Caspian water contains 12 grams of salt compared to the Mediterranean Sea, then in the Mediterranean it is 40-45 grams. When swimming in the Caspian Sea, the water seems to pull a person down. Therefore, taking this into account, care must be taken.