Geographers' article on precipitation published 2022-04-07 15:22:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

An article "Spatio-temporal features of the distribution of sediments in the territory of Azerbaijan" prepared Ph.D. Doctoral students Jamal Huseynov, Zakir Guliyev and Ilaha Ibragimova, under the guidance of Said Safarov Head of the Department of Hydrometeorology of the Caspian Sea, is Published in the 1st issue.
The article discusses the features of the spatial and temporal distribution of precipitation in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan for different periods based on observational data from 45 hydrometeorological stations. It is shown that the average annual precipitation in 1961-1990. increased for most areas compared with 1881-1960. On the contrary, against the background of a significant increase in temperature in 1991-2016, there is a further decrease in precipitation in most areas, which can lead to serious problems in various sectors of the economy, especially in agriculture.